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And Stuff Studios was founded by Gigi Rodgers. Gigi has over 5+ years experience in marketing strategy, brand strategy, and of course, video editing.

After working in marketing departments for website design firms and content marketing brands, she's refocused her attention to what she loves most: helping businesses build their marketing & business strategy.

You'll find her approach to marketing is effective and practical.

Using the blend of data driven marketing and content marketing to get traffic, attract your ideal audience, and move the needle in your business forward.

If you’ve ever asked any of the questions beLow, you’re in the right place.

"What kind of content marketing strategy should we have for our business?"

"What elements go into a video, so it has a longer watch time?"

"We heard we can chop up one long form video into smaller videos. Who can do this for us?"

"What is the social media video strategy on each platform?"

"I hear volume and speed are important when it comes to content creation.
  How do we keep up?"




You know you're in the "Attention Economy".

You already know how important video is to your marketing strategy.


It helps generate more eyes on your products and services, which pads your bottomline.
And it saves you and your clients time to focus on other aspects of business growth.

You know.
You got that.

Today - volume, speed, and quality count more than ever to get AND KEEP your audiences attention.

For you, and your clients, the more content created, the bigger the audience.
The bigger the audience, the likelihood of success. 
The more successful they are, the more deals that can be onboarded.
The more deals onboarded, the more money in EVERYONE’S pocket.

Our main objective is to help you not only meet these goals, but to help you crush them.

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